A poem about the now famous image of Aylan Kurdi, the young Syrian boy who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea as a refugee.
Content Warnings: Violence, death or dying, and blood.
Aylan Kurdi

Suddenly we saw

That day on a Turkish beach,

A name we can’t pronounce,

Ourselves, all of us

So used to stars.


We lay face down in the sand

With broken kingdoms of sand

Smeared in our faces.


We drew angel wings

On our backs,

Because angels love America,

God’s chosen nation

Amid the heathen world.


We lifted him and made him

A winner like us,

Fortunate like us,

A fool like us.


The boy we made is dishonest.


Are our eyes open now?

Are they open underwater?

Does it sting like chlorine

To see thousands dying?


Cradling their own guts.

Staring sightlessly from a stake.

Charred black with a school book


By America.

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