Dead Ornaments is a 250-word, Christmas-themed microflash entry that was rejected for a horror contest, and rightfully so.
Dead Ornaments

They sat lined on the mantle like a rejected army, clad in green and red with glitter-glue accents, each near to a kitchen knife or fork they had stuffed into the stockings dangling at their feet. Their porcelain heads swiveled back and forth to each other, and they looked like a room of confused attendants to something evil, stiff and glossy with black, painted smiles. They became still when the child came in as she did every year and rested next to the flashing Christmas tree. The child curled up on the tree skirt, as innocent as the gifts beside her, and she held on to one of the wrapped boxes as if it were a small, plush animal.

              They waited for her to sleep. When she did, they created a chain of their porcelain and fabric bodies and fetched the knives and forks from the stockings and dove down in pathetic plops of loose arms and legs to the ground around the girl and she stirred. They each turned to each other again, silent and sickening. They crept toward the girl like a village mob with sharp eating utensils, and their shiny heads spun dementedly, catching the red and green light. And as the cheery ornaments creaked and chattered with their weapons readied in a semi-circle around the girl's head, the light turned on, and they all fell limp around the sleeping girl. The girl's mother bent and swept her up with a confused look for the dead ornaments.

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